The installation of a Linx 10 printer at specialist food producer Nythe Farm Kitchen is producing codes of increased quality, consistency and permanence that meet the high standards of the retail sector.

Nythe Farm manufactures a range of prepared meals, snacks and convenience foods. The Linx 10 is able to print a high quality, permanent two line code operating up to five hours a day, four days a week. The non-contact printing method means it can easily print onto all the different pack types and shapes, and its compact design and light weight enable the printer to be moved and positioned wherever it is needed.

The robust IP55-rated stainless steel outer casing resists water ingress for reliable and consistent operation in food manufacturing environments. The Linx 10 also incorporates automatic printhead cleaning, which ensures quick, clean starts every time, even if the printer is used infrequently. A large colour touch screen with simple, icon-based code creation and selection allows fast and easy set-up, and reduces the risks of errors in the information being printed.

“We needed a printer that was simple to install and use and cost-effective to run, and one that could easily fit into our existing production environment while still delivering high quality printed codes,” explains Nythe Farm’s Technical Director Leslie Dennis. “The Linx 10 has provided the ideal solution.”

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