The quality and value benefits of RPC Bebo’s In-Mould Label Thermoforming (IML-T) have seen the technology being extended into the butter and margarine spreads sector with the introduction of a 500g tub for long-standing customer Kerry Foods.
Key to Kerry Foods’ decision to adopt IML-T was its high quality decoration appeal in combination with low lot size per design options, while allowing for highly competitive unit costings and an increased environmental profile.
RPC Bebo’s design and engineering capabilities delivered a high-quality finished pack while ensuring that the customer’s production lines required no changes.
IML-T applies pre-printed labels to a container or lid during the thermoforming process. This enables high quality intricate designs in up to eight colours to be incorporated to achieve a better level of finish and greater coverage of the container than direct printing.
The process is fully flexible both in terms of the type of container to be decorated and the application of the labels. Labels can be applied to even the most complex designs, from round or rectangular containers to multi-compartment versions. The same system can handle different containers at different weights, as well as barrier and non-barrier and bi-colour packs, including those that require autoclaving.
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