Ombar, the leading producer of raw chocolate in the UK, is pleased to announce that it is now certified as Fair For Life, an internationally recognised programme for Fair Trade and Responsible Supply Chains. The move shows Ombar’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility, traceability throughout the supply chain and Fair Trade practices.

The Fair for Life certification is a third party accreditation system that ensures the ingredients used are produced and handled by those with genuine fair trade and socially responsible practices all the way to the finished product, and also allows all producers and workers who are at a socio-economic disadvantage to access a wider range of social and economic benefits. This ties in to the existing work Ombar are doing in Ecuador – the origin of their premium raw cacao – where they have a permanent team member working directly with small farming co-operatives. Ombar help to improve their growing and harvesting practises, finesse their techniques and directly invest into improved infrastructure, thereby guaranteeing higher quality ingredients, resulting in security of supply for the farmers and a higher worth for their crops. 

Founder of Ombar, Richard Turner, comments:  

“Our ethos at Ombar is to be empowered, healthy, mindful and bold, and we certainly believe our supply chain should reflect these ideals too. Our cacao is sourced directly from farmers’ cooperatives with whom we work closely to improve quality and infrastructure, enabling farmer’s to charge premium prices for their fair trade cacao. The new certification with Fair For Life is testament to our constant commitment to mission-driven trade as a driving force for positive and sustainable change.”

Ombar have a range of organic, dairy-free and vegan-friendly chocolate products in a wide range of tasty flavours. Every ingredient in an Ombar chocolate is natural and sustainably sourced, for a delicious and ethical chocolate experience. Using only real fruits and berries – with selected bars containing probiotics to support digestive health – Ombar promises to be good for you and good for the planet! 

RRP: Starting from £1.49