These days, everybody and their dog seems to be on social media, and food and beverage brands are no different. But, just because a brand is on social media doesn’t mean that it’s using it well, and for every brand success story there is a flop. If you’re looking to make an impact on social media, take heed from the brands that are getting itright. These four brands highlight that there is no universal strategy that will work for everyone. It’s time to get creative with your social media marketing, without running the risk ofusing social channels in the wrong way!


Yorkshire Tea


Yorkshire Tea might not strike you as the most exciting brand, but its strong social following says otherwise. It proves that you don’t need to be shouty about your brand, wrap it up in bright neon lights or share the latest memes in order to be successful on social.


What Yorkshire Tea does best is focus on where its from, and play up to its motto of being from “where everything is done proper”. However, this doesn’t stop the brand from having fun on its social, proving that you can still stay true to your values, whilst providing entertaining content for your audience.

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