Available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood’s Cooking & Cooling/Pasteurisation Division is the Alco ASK, a quick-freeze spiral freezer ideal for the continuous cooling and freezing of a wide range of products, including meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Spiral freezers currently used in the food processing industry conventionally employ a friction drive between the drum and belt, with the result that products are often displaced or rotated within the spiral system.  The Alco ASK spiral freezer has specifically addressed this problem, adopting a patented DirectDrive-System™ which connects the belt edge directly with the drum to prevent overdrive and belt slip.  This technology ensures that product displacement is reduced to almost zero, minimising the risk of product jams.  Downtime required for maintenance is also significantly reduced, with an improved belt tension and lower labour and cleaning costs.

Available in a range of belt widths from 400 – 1000mm and working lengths from 100 – 500 metres, the modular format allows Interfood to work directly with the customer to ensure the specifications meet the requirements of a given application. The freezer also offers a compact footprint – with the new DirectDrive-System™ reducing the diameter whilst maintaining the number of belt tiers – to ensure it can be easily accommodated into an existing processing line.

Alco is renowned for the build quality of its equipment and this is followed through in its range of spiral freezers which are hygienically designed and easy to handle and clean.

Steve Naylor, Divisional Manager for Interfood’s Cooking & Cooling/Pasteurisation Division, comments – “We ensure customers get the most from their investment, supplying the Alco spiral freezers backed with the support from our own dedicated team of engineers to ensure a swift and efficient service.  This latest technology further improves their performance, still maintaining the gentle, even and fast cooling via an efficient horizontal airflow.  The airflow is so important to optimising cooling results as it ensures minimal weight loss from products, as well as premium preservation of product consistency.”


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