KMG Systems Limited is an industry leading supplier of specialised conveying and seasoning systems to snack food manufacturers large and small throughout the world. We manufacture at our production facility in Gamlingay, Bedfordshire and supply high quality product handling equipment to the Snack Food, RTE Cereals, Dry Petfood, Confectionery and Vegetable processing sectors.

Established for more than 40 years, we have always excelled in meeting the industry’s requirement for the highest standards of hygiene, reliability, cost effectiveness, safety and gentle product handling.
KMG are proud to be an eminent UK supplier offering on-site manufacture of seasoning & distribution systems, plus in-house design, software programming, project management and R&D facilities.

Our industry standard product range includes equipment such as electromagnetic and mechanically driven vibratory conveyors, product flow measurement systems, storveyors elevators and liquid spray systems.
Electromagnetic conveyors operate at nearly natural frequency giving a smooth, energy efficient product flow for transfer and distribution. Our Autoflow-Plus electromagnetic conveyor is designed to convey to multiple outlet points without the need for gates, thus inherently safe. Fully patented, the synchronised electronic drive system enables product to steer either towards or away from an outlet as and when required.

Alternatively our mechanically driven conveyors operate at higher amplitude and are designed to convey more difficult to handle products such as potatoes; which can also be dewatered on the move, ready to be processed.

Furthermore our horizontal motion conveyors enable product to be conveyed over long distances with a single drive.

The best snack is a tasty one and KMG’s Seasoning systems incorporate state of the art flow-weighers, Auger Feeders, Liquid Spray Units and Seasoning Drums to ensure consistent high quality seasoning. We offer either kitchen or on head seasoning and our systems are modular and bespoke manufactured to suit our customer’s needs.

KMG’s Liquid Spray Unit (LSU) is a low voltage, spraying system that has been developed over many years. The LSU will accurately and consistently coat a wide variety of snack food products with oil or oil/ dry seasoning combinations. Ideal for popcorn, bakes and better-for-you products it can now be supplied in a smaller footprint where bulk refilling systems are used to keep the unit topped up without operator interaction.

KMG can meet the challenge with your snack and food manufacturing requirements, we are always ready to help.
Tel: 01767 650760

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