With a solid reputation for supplying the highest quality bespoke refrigeration cabinets to the major supermarket chains, as well as a number of private enterprises, Phoenix Retail Services has the experience and expertise to offer clients the complete package, from design through to construction and on to after-sales service and maintenance.

Phoenix Retail Services provides a broad portfolio of expertise to some of the UK’s biggest and most respected retailers, including the maintenance of all humidity systems nationally for Waitrose. It also provides an on-site/off-site case refurbishment and removals service throughout central and southern regions of England and Wales.

The company has also developed and supplied a number of hydrocarbon split air-conditioning units, which have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to their superior performance and low environmental impact. The systems are currently being used by two of the major supermarket groups.

The company is renowned for providing not just outstanding products, but genuine solutions too; something that is fuelled by its association with sister company – Hydracooling.

Hydracooling is a new company with a long history. The reason for this conundrum is explained by the fact that when Trimco, a respected refrigerated display cabinet manufacturer, based in Portugal, was bought out in 2008, key members of the management and design teams formed a new company, Hydracooling. They have taken the 25 years of Trimco experience, refined and improved on it and launched an exciting new range of refrigerated displays.
As the former Trimco agent in the UK, Phoenix Retail Services was keen to work with the new company, supporting them in any way it could. It has therefore invested in the new company and is its distributor in the UK.

Manufacturing started in 2009 and last year Hydracooling manufactured in excess of 1000 cabinets. Moreover, Hydracooling focuses on research, design and development to ensure that the cabinets it produces display products at their peak condition. This uncommon know-how and proficiency allows Phoenix Retail Services to offer its clients ‘prototypes’ for potential solutions.

Hydracooling has just launched a new range too, which can been viewed at www.phoenixretail.com; the range includes a new chocolate cabinet that is quite unique … primarily because it actually works! Creating cabinets for chocolate is a notoriously tricky challenge; if the humidity is out by just 10%, for instance, all of the chocolate is ruined, so this new revolutionary cabinet is just what the industry has been crying out for.

It will perhaps come as no surprise, therefore, that in difficult economic times Phoenix Retail Services is doing quite nicely, and has begun 2012 extremely well.

Indeed, as UK agents for a number of manufacturers, including Koxka, Smeva and Barker Company USA, Phoenix Retail Services is ideally positioned for further growth in the years ahead. By working with such well-established and instantly recognised manufacturers, the company is able to supply high quality, cutting-edge technology across a range of products, and enjoy working with clients who value this level of quality, knowing that the products it invests in will serve them for years to come.

To find out more, telephone Phoenix Retail Services on 01494 880200.

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