Linx Printing Technologies is breaking new ground in the coding and marking industry with the launch of a compact and totally portable entry-level CIJ printer which is capable of delivering quality two line codes.

Linx says that its new Linx 10 will particularly appeal to smaller businesses that need to code products for the first time or whose potential for business growth is hampered by the use of less flexible, non-digital coding methods which can restrict a business’s ability to increase production rates to meet demand. Many retail customers may also require higher quality codes or more detailed information, which must be contained within a small space.

The Linx 10 is around half the weight and footprint of other CIJ printers and features a carry handle and printhead dock that make it totally portable. As well as its small size, the printer can be mounted directly onto a conveyor or production line to save even more space. It offers several proven features, including fast and easy message set-up via a colour touch screen that includes image-based code selection to reduce coding errors and speed up changeovers.

A unique feature is the integrated automatic line speed sensor, which eliminates the need for a separate sensor attached to the line or a product detector, making set-up on the line easier.