Ishida’s revolutionary AirScan inline system for detecting leaks in MAP packs has greatly enhanced the quality control procedures, as well as reducing labour costs, for a new snack product from M-Back GmbH.

The “Ofenschnecke” is a small delicate puff pastry product. When packed, it is not uncommon for product traces to get into the sealing area of the trays. This can result in leaks, which may cause protective gas to escape and draw in moisture. In rare cases, external factors can also cause holes in the film. If such defective packaging is not withheld from distribution, the shelf life can be significantly reduced and the product appearance can suffer.

Ishida AirScan uses laser technology to detect leaks of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is used in many MAP applications. The high-performance system checks each individual tray in less than 20 milliseconds for traces of escaping CO2. It can reliably find holes with a diameter as small as 0.25 mm, at breath-taking speeds of up to 180 packs per minute and the inspection process is completely non-destructive.

Since the installation of the AirScan at M-Back, quality assurance has reached new levels. “The Ishida AirScan inline leak detection system is worth its weight in gold to us!” says Marcel Schwebler, head of the packaging department at M-Back.

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