The OPTIQUAD range of In-line spectroscopic analysers uses four different optical methods to provide accurate, continuous monitoring of edible oils, dairy liquids and wastewater. Measurement takes place directly in the pipeline every 10 seconds, eliminating the need to take routine samples for conventional laboratory analysis. With no moving parts the measuring speed, long-term accuracy and repeatability is significantly better than typical bypass devices.

The OPTIQUAD-EOF measures free fatty acids (FFA), peroxide value (PV), p-anisidine value (AnV), total polar material (TPM), iodine value (IV) and moisture levels in frying oil. Providing extremely precise readings in seconds it enables much tighter control over dosing and replenishment of oil leading to significant cost reductions.

The OPTIQUAD-M measures fat, protein, lactose and total solids in milk and cream at any temperature, enabling much quicker production intervention and opening up new possibilities in process control and optimisation. It is ideal for applications such as raw milk reception monitoring, standardisation of fat content in milk and setting a constant ratio of fat to protein for cheese production.

The OPTIQUAD-WW measures the COD in wastewater across an extremely broad measuring range and is capable of measuring extremely large COD loads.

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