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Love your heart in National Heart Month

Did you know that 80% of heart disease cases could be prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle? February is National Heart Month and at Heart Research UK we want you to be wise to heart disease, the UK’s biggest killer.

Heart attacks and strokes are caused by blockages in blood vessels which feed the heart and brain, starving them of vital oxygen.  A major reason for these blockages is the build-up of plaques, fatty deposits in the walls of your blood vessel, which form over time, and are particularly worsened by inactivity, poor diet and smoking.

So, as we wave goodbye to January, why not give your heart a healthy overhaul. It may be to get back on track with your new year’s resolutions if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Or if you’re still going strong, making sure you embed those healthy habits so that they last a lifetime.

We’re taking you back to basics with this week’s healthy tip. By reinforcing that by eating right and getting enough exercise, you can protect your heart for a healthy and happy future.


Start each day with a healthy breakfast choosing wholegrain cereals or bread and fresh or dried fruits which are a great source of dietary fibre which will help to keep you going right through to lunchtime.


Pack up a healthy lunch so you’re not tempted by unhealthy canteen or high-street offerings while at work. Include lean proteins like chicken or fish as well as grains, pulses and salads which are light yet sustaining. Dinner leftovers are also a great idea if you’re pushed for time.


Prepare for that afternoon slump with a handful of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruits, packed with those healthy mono-unsaturated fats while satisfying that craving for something sweet. Avoid carrying loose change to prevent the urge to grab snacks from the vending machine. Remember too, snacking can often be a sign of thirst, so stay hydrated with water throughout the day.


Cook meals at home with plenty of vegetables and bulk out stews with lentils, pearl barley or chickpeas for extra fibre. If you prepare too much food, save leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Get into the habit of eating together at the table and sharing mealtimes and catch up on the events of your day at home with your family. For more tips to make this habit stick read about our #TogetherattheTable campaign at


Make time for exercise each day, whether it’s walking or cycling your commute, an after-work jog or evening dance class, try to move for at least 30 minutes five times a week to give your heart the workout it needs.

Don’t become another victim to the UK’s biggest killer – Act, prevent and start loving your heart in National Heart Month

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