Southern Salads is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of freshly prepared salads, vegetables, slaws and fruit to the food service, food manufacturing and travel sectors.

Packaging Automation has been a supplier to Southern Salads for a number of years when they originally bought a Vision 4000 machine. A good relationship developed and when Southern Salads needed to increase both productivity and efficiency in the packing of their salads they had no hesitation in returning to PA for new machinery. The decision was taken to purchase a high speed eclipse SL6 tray sealer.

The SL6 is a high throughput machine capable of sealing up to 100 packs per minute and has provided Southern Salads with cost and environmental benefits combined with greater efficiency, minimum downtime and a consistent seal on all packs.  For flexibility and long term value the eclipse SL6 can be easily converted to a twin lane machine to give speeds of up to 200 packs per minute.  To save on critical downtime, tool changeovers on the eclipse tray sealers can be done manually in two minutes as a result of an inbuilt tool loading system. The ingenious top tool comprises single impression removable cartridges to enable continued operation during repairs and routine maintenance. Quick release cutting blades on these allow for replacement in seconds and spare cartridges are supplied to enable full capacity operation at all times.

Daniel Birmingham Operations Director at Southern Salads said “I have worked with PA for many years and always found them to be proactive and supportive, the SL6 machine was chosen to increase productivity, seal integrity and reduce engineering costs, it has achieved all the objectives set out at the beginning of the project”

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