Nearly one third of consumers say they would switch from their usual products to a brand that used Selig’s Lift ‘n’ Peel™ range of induction seals, a study has found. The research saw customers given four different containers – two with Lift ‘n’ Peel™ liners and two with standard liners – and respondents preferred the Selig option in all cases.

The study also revealed that consumers are most concerned with safety, freshness, leak-prevention and simple opening, which were all highlighted as critical factors when choosing product packaging. In particular, convenience and ease of removal were the most attractive features of the Lift ‘n’ Peel™ liners over traditional alternatives and 95 per cent of participants who preferred the Lift ‘n’ Peel™ said they would find it especially useful if marketers indicated on exterior labels that their products incorporate Lift ‘n’ Peel™.

The Lift ‘n’ Peel™ range features an ergonomic tab that ensures easy opening for all consumers, even those with limited dexterity. The liners have been specifically engineered to provide a strong hermetic seal for maximum leak prevention and package integrity for both wet and dry products. Furthermore, they can be printed with a bespoke logo or design for brand differentiation and require no additional processing or equipment beyond standard induction sealing machinery to include in packaging.

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