ABB’s FCB400 coriolis mass flowmeter includes a new electronics platform that features self-configuration, integrated accuracy verification, built-in valve control and many other smart tools.

The automatic self-configuration function synchronizes the configuration data in the sensor and the transmitter after power has been switched on. The FCB400’s “SensorApplicationMemory” duplicates and stores all data including configuration and calibration settings, measuring point parameters and totalizers in a permanent memory. This ensures safe data synchronization during maintenance, including when the transmitter is replaced.

Application-specific software packages enable the FCB400 to be used in a range of installations. In filling processes, the “FillMass” function directly controls the downstream valve via a special digital output. “DensiMass” enables the precise determination of the concentrations of liquid mixtures through high-precision density measurement, as well as the “net mass or volume flow rate”.

The FCB400’s “VeriMass” verification function enables it to test operation within the specified range. Users can detect possible erosions or deposits inside the sensor without removing the device.
Compact, lightweight and suitable for use in SIL2 applications, the FCB400 is also available in a hygienic design variant for food and beverage applications.

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