BOGE Compressors, a leading supplier of industrial compressed air systems, has published a new white paper on the use of compressed air in food and beverage manufacturing applications. The guide, which is titled Satisfying the appetite for clean air, is available as a free download from the BOGE website.

Compressed air is a critical utility in food and drink factories and processing plants. If contaminated air comes into contact with a food product, it can affect its taste, appearance, colour and shelf life, rendering products unfit for consumption and posing a health risk.

BOGE’s guide provides readers with a detailed explanation of the different types of contamination that can affect food and drink products, as well as exploring the possible consequences of this occurring. It then goes on to provide a comprehensive overview of the best practice guidelines and standards to follow to prevent food safety hazards and ensure compliance with industry regulations and safeguard the health of consumers.

The guide also provides a working example of the compliant use of compressed air in action at an award winning brewery based in North Yorkshire and examines the oil-free compressed air systems and equipment available to eliminate the threat of contamination.

Download the guide for free from the BOGE website.