The flexibility and versatility of Ishida x-ray inspection technology has provided the ideal solution for the quality control requirements of international food company Hügli.

The two Ishida IX-GA-4075 x-ray models have been specially adapted in order to handle small size packs of around 10-15g of dehydrated products including soups, sauces, seasonings and rice meals.

The Ishida solution comprises an innovative design utilising lightweight metal fingers in place of traditional heavy curtains. This ensures that the packs stay flat and do not move on the conveyor as they enter and exit the x-ray machine.

For Hügli the use of x-ray technology has made a huge difference to its overall production capacity, since checks on the Ishida x-ray can be carried out without disrupting production. The machine can also provide detailed reports of its operations, and the ability to store information for every pack that has gone through the x-ray provides vital traceability data, particularly important in the event of a retailer query or customer complaint.

The IX-GA-4075 features Ishida’s unique Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology, which uses image data analysis over a number of inspections to achieve an extremely high level of inspection accuracy. The user-friendly colour touchscreen enables specifications for each product to be held in the memory and called up at the touch of a button for fast and simple changeovers.