A premium presentation box from Leicester-based luxury packaging manufacturer Pollard Boxes is providing a new range from Hotel Chocolat with an air of indulgence and establishing it as a luxurious gift. The innovative box, used for the market-leading brand’s Cabinet range, offers customers a memorable opening experience, while reflecting the brand’s reputation for being fresh, creative and innovative.

The pack makes use of two separate opening devices. A ribbon-pull drawer houses the bottom layer of chocolates while the fixed tray for the top layer features a jacket style magnetic lid closure. The drawer has a high quality ribbon-pull and the closure delivers an audible click, both features contributing to the ‘reveal’ of the chocolates and generating a sense of excitement and anticipation for the consumer.

The premium quality image of Hotel Chocolat is conveyed through the use of a heavy coverage deboss repeat pattern of the jacket lid, while the logo is foiled in black, white and clear foil onto two different shades of grey colourplan, one for each of the Classic and Dark pack varieties. Contrasting black gloss foil is used on the two box sides to further enhance the luxury positioning.

Pollard’s in-house print finishing expertise was critical in meeting the combined challenges of debossing and foiling, including the ability to test and proof different alternative materials before selecting the most appropriate solution.

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