Looking for pure sugar products but don’t know where to start?

Ragus has launched a new “Product Finder”, an innovative online tool that will help transform the way manufacturers source their pure sugar ingredients.

This easy to use online facility provides useful guidance and information on the extensive Ragus manufactured range of functional sugar products and how they contribute to the appearance, taste and texture of foods, drinks and pharmaceuticals.

Marketing Director Ben Eastick said: “This exciting development will make the selection process faster and easier. With the Ragus “Product Finder” you can filter through over 50 different pure sugars to find the right crystalline sugars, syrups and treacles for your industry and your consumer products”. For further information please contact Ragus Press and Communications Officer, Kim Robinson: [email protected] http://ragus.co.uk/video/ www.ragus.co.uk/product-finder

Established in 1928, Ragus today are a leading supplier in the production of brown sugars, syrups and treacles for major food, drink and pharmaceutical companies.

Ragus develop customised sugar formulations for a wide variety of applications from ethically sourced raw materials to the controlled transformation into high quality functional ingredients.

Ragus provides its clients with pure sugars for taste, texture and appearance of their consumer products based on our unique knowledge, experience and dedication.

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