Rotech, the Hertfordshire designer of end-to-end coding and feeding systems, is using The PPMA Total Show as the launch-pad for a new offline coder dedicated to pouches. The new RF1-V+ offers a 50% improvement in speed through design innovations including a shingling infeed and extended reservoir capacity.

Drawing on its feeding system expertise, Rotech has engineered the RF1-V+, an offline overprinting system that is capable of coding up to 60 pouches, with a maximum width of 375mm, per minute. Using vacuum pick and place technology, pouches are picked from a stack, placed onto a conveyor for printing, and then the printed pouches are neatly placed onto another stack for collection. .

Rotech has achieved this 50% improvement in speed by incorporating a shingling conveyor into the infeed, which in turn enables the hopper that supplies the system with unmarked pouches to be enlarged to hold up to 300 pouches at a time.

The RF1-V+ can be fitted with a range of printing technologies, though a thermal transfer printer is generally the preferred option in this application, particularly when late wide format customisation is required. The RF1-V+ will be unveiled at The PPMA Total Show on stand F12.

Tel: 01707 393 700

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