A 40 year old secret recipe, a famous chef and a link to a South African diamond family. Is this a new spy thriller? Well no, but it does lead to excellent Biltong!

Here’s the link – the famous Partridge Restaurant was once the home of the Cullinan Diamond family who owned the Great Kimberley diamond mine. Willem Van de Ploeg, former head chef of said restaurant has shared the secret recipe with the current owners of Chichester Biltong who own the Partridge restaurant building.

The heritage of this recipe is almost as rich as the country from which it heralds. Now with the second largest biltong drying chamber in the UK, and not one but two Great Taste Awards, Chichester Biltong has certainly made a South African mark on UK shores.

Daniel Hill, Digital Marketing Manager for the brand said, “Our biltong comes from a traditional South African recipe using only high quality British beef; we want more people to experience and enjoy this SA delicacy and the range of flavours we’ve paired with it”.

The packaging needed to be rugged yet delicate with simple branding reflecting the history and colours of South Africa. National Flexible produced a kraft paper laminate with registered window which does just that.

National Flexible’s Technical Director Dave Daniels said, “Biltong is one of my favourite snack foods, particularly as it provides an added protein boost when I am on the go. The paper window also allows the consumer to see how good the product looks too!”

Accepting orders online at www.biltongcompany.co.uk, or by searching Chichester Biltong Company on Amazon.co.uk, as well as over the phone on 01243 216 196, there really is no excuse not to try one (or all!) of the wonderful flavours available – You can even collect it directly if you live locally and want to see the source of tasty goodness from the Oving farm! So open up your computer, or pick up the phone and place your order today!

For further details on either the product, the packaging or what National Flexible can do for you please contact James Walker Marketing Manager on 01274 685566 or on [email protected] or take a look at our website www.nationalflexible.co.uk