Industry-specific software from CSB-System is enabling Polish turkey meat specialist INDROL Sp. Z o.o Sp.kom to effectively manage production and deliver important cost savings, while ensuring quality assurance is maintained to the highest standards.

Since its inception in 1991 INDROL has made quality control its top priority, developing its processes in accordance with various QA certification standards such as HACCP and BRC. Using the CSB-System, all areas are equipped with information and control points that are incorporated and controlled within the software, enabling quality data to be captured at the point of origin.

During procurement and slaughter, the software provides integrated functionalities for slaughter planning, slaughter, meat inspection, grading and slaughter data assessment. Data collected from these processes can also be used for vendor assessment.

The CSB-System provides an easy visual summary of INDROL’s production processes, and recipes and bills of material can be called up directly during production. The software also provides relevant data about sales quantities, sales volumes and margins.

Commenting on the CSB-System, INDROL co-owner Pawe? Waligórski says: “The system helps us in reducing costs in all areas, and we can quickly retrieve any relevant data for corporate control. In this way we can take sound decisions and improve our competitive position.”

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