South West based company Ease adds another high profile project to its construction schedule.

The refit commenced in January 2013 and Ease has overall responsibility for the project due for completion by February 2013.

The renowned restaurant overlooks one of Cornwall’s most famous surfing beaches, Watergate Bay and has been serving discerning diners, both locals and visitors, alike since 2005.

The project is subject to a 21 day timeline, utilising an experienced team of 8 professionals who will oversee the refurbishment of the existing space to deliver a brand new dining experience for customers.

Logistical issues imposed by the restaurant’s geographical location have added a challenging dimension to the overall project.

The refit will involve reducing the building to a bare shell followed by the installation of a completely new kitchen and bar.

Polly Dent, Fifteen Cornwall’s Restaurant Director said “Ease come highly recommended based on their previous projects”

Dafydd Hollyman, Ease Director said “Ease are delighted to be working with Polly Dent and Fifteen and we are thrilled they have placed their trust in us to deliver a new dining experience for Fifteen’s customers.”

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