Denny Bros – the creator of Fix-a-Form the UK’s leading brand of multi-page leaflet labels – has won five awards for exceptional product and business performance at two recent awards ceremonies.

The company picked up three separate awards at the Bury Free Press Business Awards 2013 presented by veteran BBC broadcaster Nicolas Owen; and two at the 2013 Fix-a-Form Awards in Brussels which recognise success in on-pack marketing and communication on a worldwide scale.

Fix-a-Form has been growing as a premium labelling brand for almost 40 years now. The widely-acclaimed concept of a combined leaflet-label was originated in the late 1970s by Denny Bros Printing, the Suffolk printing company founded in 1945 by brothers Douglas and Russell Denny. It has become an internationally renowned solution for communicating product information and promotions directly on to any packaged item.

At the Bury Free Press Business Awards 2013, the company was ‘Highly Commended’ within the Environmental Award category for its success with its energy-saving and waste recycling policies; and Managing Director Barry Denny was given the same individual honour within the Lifetime Achievement Award category. At the same time, Daryn Reffell of Denny Bros Supplies was voted Business Person of the Year ‘Winner’.

Denny Bros was also voted winner for ‘Best Informational Leaflet Label’ and ‘Overall Winner’ at the 2013 Fix-a-Form Awards in Belguim which is a Bi-ennial event for representatives from the 20-strong global licensee network. A Fix-a-Form leaflet label applied to a self-test breathalyser from alcohol awareness technology company (en)10 helped Denny Bros to scoop the two awards. The leaflet label was designed to go around the very small breathalyser tube to help with the campaign to encourage broader, positive change in attitudes to alcohol consumption.

Speaking about this most recent cluster of awards, Managing Director Barry Denny said: ‘This acclaim shows that Fix-a-Form leaflet labels are still fresh after all these years. They are constantly presenting new ideas to new markets – keeping new product and service offerings in front of a multitude of audiences throughout the world.

‘We’re still on top of our game in the global supply of niche labelling products and that’s where we want to stay.’

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