With Special Edition Global Flavour Forecast® Launched To Commemorate Milestone

McCormick & Company, Incorporated (NYSE:MKC), a global leader in flavour, and leading herbs and spices brand, Schwartz has launched a yearlong 125th anniversary celebration. The celebration kicks off with the launch of the 125th Anniversary Edition of the Flavour Forecast and the Flavour of Together programme, with the goal of connecting people around the world as they share 1.25 million stories about the special role food and flavour plays in our lives.

“Flavour has the power to bring us together across continents and cultures,” said Malcolm Swift, President of McCormick EMEA. “McCormick and its brands are an essential part of their spice rack, but McCormick’s flavour innovation and leadership go well beyond our heritage in spices. In fact, millions of people around the world enjoy food flavoured by McCormick every day.”

Schwartz has been a leading brand of McCormick since 1984 and the UK is McCormick’s second largest market in EMEA. Schwartz first launched in the 1950s and is the number one herbs and spices brand in the UK, offering the widest range of herbs, spices, seasonings and recipe mixes.

In 2014, McCormick is celebrating 125 years of leading flavour innovation by asking people to share their flavour stories and help feed those in need. In the UK, Schwartz will support Focus on Food, a charitable food education programme and partner of United Way Worldwide, that champions cooking as an essential ingredient for healthy, happy lifestyles. For every story shared on Schwartz’s website and Facebook page or any of McCormick’s websites or social channels, Schwartz and McCormick together will donate $1, up to $1.25 million to United Way. Schwartz and McCormick will also share their favourite stories on FlavorofTogether.com – their global website.

In this yearlong programme, Schwartz and McCormick will follow and share stories from culinary influencers and families cascading across all regions where McCormick operates. In the UK renowned Indian chef, Cyrus Todiwala and leading food writer & blogger, Karen Burns-Booth, will be Schwartz and McCormick flavour ambassadors and share their flavour stories to help inspire a passionate conversation about flavour. We will engage and educate people about exciting food trends and how flavours and cuisines travel across cultures. People can follow along at www.facebook.com/schwartzcookingclub or

FlavourofTogether.com* to view memorable videos, recipes and stories from consumers, popular chefs, bloggers and more.

In addition, Schwartz and McCormick are releasing a special anniversary edition of their influential annual Flavour Forecast® report, a global summary of insights into what the world will be eating next. The McCormick® and Schwartz Flavour Forecast® 2014: 125th Anniversary Edition reveals five flavour insights that are driving the future of flavour in the next few years.



1. Chillies Obsession: Food lovers everywhere are seeking out their next big chilli thrill.

2. Modern Masala: Indian food is finally having its moment, breaking free of its traditional confines with modern interpretations.

3. Clever Compact Cooking: Proving that big flavours can come from small spaces, cooks in urban kitchens are making the most of what’s available.

4. Mexican World Tour: Mexican flavours are making their way around the globe, with people everywhere discovering new aspects of this bright, casual cuisine.

5. Charmed by Brazil: The world’s attraction to Brazilian cuisine is heating up, thanks to its seductive mix of global and native influences.

“This year’s report shows that people are gathering around more colourful and diverse tables than ever before. In the UK we know this is driving culinary innovation as we look to launch new products in 2014 such as Grill Mates Brazilian BBQ and Flavour Shots Indian Spicy Jalfrezi Curry in line with two of the top Flavour Forecast trends,” says Vicky Cojeen, Schwartz Marketing and Category Management Director.

Visit www.schwartz.co.uk for 12 more flavours to watch in 2014 and beyond.