Miracle Matcha Ltd is a company manufacturing and licensing a number of unique and exclusive health food, nutritional, and health supplement products.

Matcha Tea is stone ground tea leaves whose milling process creates a powder that retains all of the nutrients and goodness from the whole leaves and is either drunk in its pure form as a tea, or used as a powerful ingredient in other foods. Our exclusive white tea matcha from Kenya forms the basis of our product range in its pure state and as a functional ingredient into our other products. Our Miracle Matcha Health mix-in is a blend of the best milled golden flax seed, chia seed, goji berries, Stevia, and Miracle Matcha and enhances many foods from smoothies and yoghurts, to stews and curries; our Cranberry and Miracle Matcha Shot – a perfect daily energy boost; and our Miracle Matcha Capsules – a convenient daily anti-oxidant supplement.

With up to 3 times the levels of antioxidants of the next best matcha tea available on the market, and with very high levels of fibre and protein, this amazing and exclusive product to us is literally ‘unmatchable’