JS Desiccants will be showcasing its Superdry container desiccant on stand J333, Hall 20, at the Foodex 2012 exhibition, 25-27th March 2012 at the NEC.

Superdry container desiccant absorbs 200% its own weight in moisture to maintain a low humidity in shipping containers and prevent condensation damage to cargo. Its ingredients are food grade material making it ideal for use in the food and drink industry.

During the day and night cycles of a container’s voyage, air surrounding the cargo heats up and cools down. During the night the humidity rises and moisture can condense on the ceiling of the container, where it drips on to and damages the cargo. By hanging 8 to 12kg of Superdry desiccant inside a 40ft container, the humidity is kept below the level at which condensation forms for the duration of the journey. This protects the cargo and ensures it arrives in good condition.

Superdry is available in a variety of sizes and with various mounting options. Hooks or rope ties and a rigid cardboard outer casing make it easy to position inside a container. As Superdry turns the moisture to gel it contains no spillable liquid and does not need plastic drip trays to hold the moisture. This means that Superdry stays leak-free even with rough handling.

Unlike high grade silica or clay based desiccants, that can only absorb up to 25% of their weight in moisture, Superdry can remove up to 200% its own weight in moisture from an atmosphere. This higher performance means a lesser quantity is needed to maintain a low humidity, which makes packing a container more straight forward and handling the desiccant much easier.

For a free sample of Superdry or further information call JS Desiccants on 01903 858658, visit www.jsdesiccants.com or email [email protected].

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