Cartocan® is the first and only cylindrical packaging format made from carton board to be filled aseptically with liquid and have a shelf life of up to 12 months unchilled. It lends itself perfectly to the airline industry as a very lightweight, environmentally-friendly drinks container for a wide range of liquids from coffee and tea through to wines, cocktails, water, juices and milk. The FSC carton board laminate construction is a great alternative to aluminium, glass and PET when weight is an issue and space is tight in the kitchens on-board. Moreover the extended shelf-life helps to cut down on lead-time issues, storage and wastage. Equally for brand owners the cylindrical surface and peel-off lid are ideally suited for maximum branding opportunities.

Contact the Alexir Partnership (agents for Cartocan® in the UK) for a sample. See for yourself how this product can increase your drink sales on board as well as save you weight and space. Or come and see the new addition to the Cartocan® range, the GALAXY Iced Chocolate Coffee Single Shot and Double Shot Mocha Latte at WTCE Hamburg, Germany 8-10 April stand 2E 52 Hall B2

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