British juice company James White Drinks has developed its first ever nitrate food product for its growing BEET IT brand, with the launch of a unique BEET IT Sport Pro-Elite bar, a winning combination of high natural dietary nitrate beetroot with oats.

The BEET IT Sport bar is developed specifically to deliver the same natural dietary nitrate dose (0.4g) as a BEET It Sport shot, which is already the fastest growing sport nutrition product with the sporting elite. The BEET IT Sport Pro-Elite bar also provides an excellent source of slow natural energy release and most importantly tastes delicious.

Research at over 100 universities worldwide is underway using BEET IT Sport shots to investigate the benefits of natural dietary nitrate supplementation. Their published work so far shows that the nitrate interacts with enzymes in saliva to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the blood. This natural vasodilator increases blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles with a beneficial impact on strength and endurance – a similar effect (but legitimate) to blood doping!

Each 60g bar contains 0.4g of natural dietary nitrate, the equivalent of 400ml beetroot juice. It tastes and has the moist texture of an oat flapjack with the distinct colour of beetroot.

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