Taking food safety to an even higher level, market leaders, Vikan, are introducing their new ultra hygienic fully moulded single blade squeegee designed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the food industry. The new squeegee is also the ideal choice for safety floors.

Known for setting superb hygiene standards in effective, efficient and durable cleaning solutions, Vikan’s single blade squeegee with its smooth and rounded surfaces offers both increased hygiene and easier cleaning.

Effective design features for increased durability and efficiency include a robust splash guard, a flexible rubber lip and an elongated body for reduced wear and tear on the rubber lip.

Colour coded in nine colours and available in a range of useful sizes, the new squeegee is just one of Vikan’s many tools and equipment designed to provide the food industry with wide product choice, amazing value for money all supported by excellent customer service.

FDA and EU compliant, Vikan’s products are autoclavable at high temperatures for maximum hygiene. The squeegee can be fitted to any of Vikan’s handles.

As part of their customer hygiene programme, Vikan provide a free colour zoning service. Dividing premises into visually separate zones minimises risk of bacterial cross contamination and transfer of allergens.

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