From design concept to delivery Holfeld Plastics has reported a 5 day turnaround of a new Fin tray for Underwood sausages.

Richard Mather, Commercial Manager at Underwood Meats said:

‘We gave Holfeld and its internal Pattern making department what would have been to many suppliers an impossible demand. They turned around the urgent customer order around in 5 working days. We were absolutely delighted’

Bryan Ford UK and European Sales Manager for Holfeld commented: ‘Apart from the critical timing to meet a demand from a new customer we also knew how important sustainability and innovation was to Underwood Meats in the final selection of a supplier. Our customer needed a strong, differentiating design offering instant shelf stand out as well as a robust tray and recyclability. They were also aware that Holfeld had recently won a top Repak Award for Sustainability and Innovation’

Holfeld say that their G485 burger range of which the Underwood Fin tray is a part, is one of the most extensive burger tray ranges in the industry today. It comprises depths and styles from 20mm to 55mm including Fin, divide and cavity profiles.

First in their class

It might be surprising to some companies even to some customers but Holfeld have their own in house ‘Tool and Product Design Centre’ reinforced by a High End Tool room with state of the art CNC milling machines all facilitating the manufacture of the required tooling leading to the production of the finished tray. Holfeld report that they are probably the only thermoformers to have this facility allowing fast tooling turnaround as in the case of Underwood Meats.

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