Market leader Vikan is introducing a fully colour-coded, ultra-hygienic one-piece handle for its brushes, squeegees and scrapers, designed to fulfill the food industry’s stringent safety requirements

Constructed from food-grade, reinforced and recyclable polypropylene, this innovative one-piece handle is strong and rigid, ensuring effective and thorough cleaning down through the broom and squeegee heads. At 34mm diameter and 6% lighter than existing fibreglass handles, the ergonomically designed handle has an easy to manage and comfortable grip. The polypropylene’s properties also make the handle comfortable to use in cold stores and meat production/processing plants.

Most important, the one-piece design minimises any risk of parts falling off during use, as well as eliminating any risk of contamination entering the handle.

The handle is supplied in nine colour-coded options for easy visual segregation and extra food safety, and three different lengths: 1,300mm, 1,500mm and 1,700mm. The Vikan thread fits securely on all Vikan’s brushes, squeegees and scrapers.

FDA and EU compliant, the one-piece handle is easy to clean, will withstand aggressive cleaning chemicals and is corrosion free. Vikan also offers a free colour zoning service to minimise bacterial cross contamination and transfer of allergens.

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