To help food and beverage producers maintain the very highest hygiene standards, Vikan has developed a new 90-mm diameter One-Piece Pipe Brush. The new brush features a handle and head moulded from a single piece of high-quality polypropylene – a design innovation that helps users reduce the risk of food safety issues. On the brush head, differentiated filament thicknesses improve cleaning efficacy, with stiffer filaments at the tip of the head tackling dirt aggressively on first contact.

The One-Piece Pipe Brush is ideal for a wide range of equipment, including meat mincers, wine industry tank outlets, equipment with straight pipes, and any item where a rounded brush head can benefit cleaning. Advantages include:
? Hygienic one-piece construction
? Stiffer filaments at the tip of the brush head
? Optimized 90-mm head diameter
? Easy-to-clean, hygienically designed hanging hole
? Fully colour-coded for cleaning tool segregation
? Fits all Vikan wall brackets
Deb Smith, Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist says:
“Food and water can become trapped in cleaning tool joints on traditional pipe brushes When this happens, it can lead to microbial growth and the potential for cross-contamination. By eliminating this connection point via one-piece construction, we’ve eliminated a potential source of contaminant build-up both around the joint and within the brush head. The new brush also delivers improved cleaning efficacy, thanks to stiffer filaments at the end of the brush head, where most of the cleaning takes place.”

The One-Piece Pipe Brush will replace Vikan’s previous 90-mm diameter pipe brush and is available now in green, blue, red, white, yellow and black.

To find out more call Vikan on 01793716760, email [email protected] or check the web:

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