From the gang behind Gunpowder comes Madame D, a place that has a particularly fascinating story behind its inspiration. The tale goes along the lines of this – a woman who was driven out of China and ventured across Tibet and Nepal selling opium before arriving in India where she met a man who smuggled her into London. A bit mysterious and dark I know but without this story Madame D would not be bringing kick ass fiery plates to the table.
The food is mouth watering and delicious but boy do they pack a mean punch and if you like your spice, Madame D will certainly deliver just that!
It’s a very good place to eat at and just like Madame D’s story the restaurant is certainly dark and a world away from the hustle and bustle of East London with a stripped back, intimate setting. Of course it’s even better when sharing the food with a group of friends or family. There’s a lot to tackle and the task is made even more difficult when choosing which dishes to order which is undoubtedly a good selection headache to have.



With the choice of snacks from the menu, the restaurant’s beef puffs is a perfect way to kick off proceedings. The minced beef has a lovely balance of spices encased in a buttery puff shell and just like those bad boys the momos are just as moreish! Momos are similar to dumplings/gyozas and at Madame D’s the pork momos is smothered in a ludicrously tasty tomato and garlic chutney and the vegetable alternative is drowned in a rich blood red chilli and garlic sauce. Seriously order two rounds!
A favourite of mine has to be the lamb masala noodles. This naughty little number has big mean flavours with soft pieces of lamb and masala spices coating the noodles finished off with a runny fried egg – crack that yolk and smother it all over. It will certainly make you feel all warm and if you can handle the heat try and smash that dish by yourself.
The fire and the heat just keep on coming and for the veggies go for the aubergine option. It will certainly not disappoint with soft mushy aubergines filled with earthy mushrooms and just like the vegetable momos, it is smothered in a deep rich chilli sauce.
You’re probably thinking that the taste buds are going to be completely destroyed with all this chilli but it’s not all like that and there are perhaps two dishes that can be an adequate alternative – the Himalayan fried chicken and pan fried duck leg. However both plates are a little underwhelming and I love my duck and fried chicken especially. The fried chicken is my go to dish anywhere in the city or the world so to not have that super crispy coating is a bit of a let down and the duck is just a tad dry only to be saved by the sauce it is served with.
All can be forgiven though as the soft gelatinous short ribs is a massive must. The best thing about the ribs is that its slow cooked to perfection and you can certainly tell that when using the fork to peel away that meat off the bone.


Naga Chilli Beef Puff

Pork Momos, Pan Fried with Tomato & Garlic Chutney

Vegetable Momos, Pan fried in Chilli & Garlic sauce

Tiffin Masala Lamb Noodles with Fried Egg

Tibetan Pan Fried Whole Duck Leg

Himalayan Fried Chicken

Masala Beef Ribs with Sichuan Sour Cream and Pine Nut & Coriander Drizzle

New Market Mix Vegetable Fried Rice


Madame D certainly has a decent number of plates to choose from and most of them are out of this world. Just a few minor errors make this short of being a great restaurant. Don’t get me wrong I will certainly visit again because I love the influences and the big bold flavours that Madame D creates. Just next time I hope the fried chicken is mega crispy.

Opening Hours

Tue – Sat
6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Hours subject to change

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