With mid Summer now upon us and retailers looking forward to an alfresco gastro Summer Holfeld Plastics is offering a range of BBQ packaging from the packaging perfectionists all supported by prompt turnaround , competitive pricing and a back-up that can only come from an independent, family-owned business.

Customers can get a special presentation representative sample pack by telephoning +353 (0) 402 41234 and asking to speak to the sales department.

Holfeld Plastic’s barbecue range is perfectly suited to the high performance of promotional family-sized packaging and more elaborate compartmentalised formats such as BBQ or grill packs. Comprising the extensive, multi depths J5 range for ribs, chops or sausages in depths 30 to 85. The G485 burger range in depths 20 to 55, the G12 range in depths 25 and 30 for meatballs and a breadth of Burger trays as well as the S2 poultry range for BBQ drumsticks.

All manufactured from at least 85% recycled PET and all suitable for modified atmosphere packaging. A sympathetic rib design in all products provide maximum shelf prominence and product visibility. Available in a range of 28 colours.

For more information about the manufacturer’s fresh produce packaging range visit www.holfeldplastics.com

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