SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has introduced a new generation of Y-bearing units developed to offer a highly effective solution for the demanding and varied environments in the food and beverage industry. These robust units offer dependable, maintenance free performance and have been specially designed to withstand an extremely wide range of operating temperatures, as well as humidity, aggressive fluids, gases and light particulate matter.

Ideal for use in conveyors, sorters, sizers, presses, augers, brush washers and all washdown areas, the Food Line Y-bearing units feature SKF’s industry proven 2RF seal to withstand high pressure washdowns, as well as other sources of moisture and process contaminants. As these high performance seals prevent water, detergents and light contaminants from entering the bearing, they eliminate the need for relubrication after washdowns to purge water and contaminants, extending bearing lifecycles considerably and reducing lubricant consumption and maintenance requirements.

Hygienically developed, sealed and lubricated for life with NSF approved SKF food grade grease, the new units enable productivity levels to be optimised and costs to be minimised, while eliminating the risk of contamination. Just as importantly, this means that the devices offer consistently reliable service despite the demanding conditions typical of food productions lines, reducing maintenance requirements, lubrication consumption and costs to an absolute minimum.

The SKF Food Line Y-bearing units will operate for years on a single food grade grease prefill, saving plants a substantial amount of lubricant and maintenance costs. For example, this can save as much as 78kg of lubricant, as well as over 100 minutes of labour time per weekly maintenance cycle for a plant that relubricates 100 bearing positions over the course of a year.

Equally, this keeps excess lubricant out of plant wastewater streams thus preventing it from entering the environment. Lubricant reduction also represents savings in wastewater treatment costs, and offers a range of additional benefits, including reduced downtime and maintenance, as well as eliminating the risk of lubrication points being missed.

The new bearing units feature a curved, non-porous surface with no cavities for easier cleaning and reduced risk of bacteria accumulation. They are available in a variety of housing shapes, an extended size range and corrosion resistant materials, including composites, zinc coated and stainless steel designs, as well as stainless steel or zinc coated bearing inserts, to meet the requirements of diverse applications. An effective end cover is also available for processes where health and safety regulations demand it.


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