RPC Containers and Regain Polymers Ltd have produced a YouTube video with the clear message that plastics are not only recyclable but are needed for valuable new packaging applications.

The objective of the video is to depict in a fun and accessible way the fact that plastics in general and polypropylene in particular – which is used extensively in the manufacture of pots, tubs and trays (PTTs) for a wide variety of packs – are fully recyclable and used to manufacture new packaging, the example shown in the video being plastic paint containers.

“Consumers like these types of packs for their convenience and ease of use, so we need to demonstrate that there is no stigma attached to using them, and that when they are finished with, they still have a valuable role and are not merely destined for landfill,” explains Katherine Fleet, RPC Group’s Sustainability Manager.

The video shows how instead of being thrown away, a margarine tub is placed into a recycling bin.  The viewer is then taken through the stages of the recycling process that convert the tub back into pellets which are used to manufacture the paint container.

You can view the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9_W_mVSx6E