– Bond baddy turns good to help hungry teenagers –

New research has revealed that the average British teenager costs a whopping £3,244 a year to feed – and feels hungry again just one hour after eating a big meal.

The study by teatime experts Birds Eye shows that the one in five Mums (20 per cent) claim that their teenagers are constantly hungry, while a third of teens (31 per cent) raid the fridge for more food within ten minutes of sitting down to a proper meal.

To help satisfy growing appetites, the leading frozen food brand has teamed up with James Bond’s most notorious villain Jaws – famed for his steel-capped teeth and enormous chomp – to launch its new ‘bigger bite’ fish burgers, created specifically for teens with big appetites.

The appointment of the 7’2” metal-munching Bond baddy and proud owner of the biggest ‘bite’ in Hollywood follows further research showing that teenagers are their hungriest between the ages of 13 and 15, in line with their first big growth spurts.

According to the study boys cost more to feed, running up food bills of £3,458 a year compared to £2,996 for girls. Boys are also the biggest raiders of the kitchen cupboards, with two in five regularly searching for more food within ten minutes of sitting down to a big meal.

Teenagers in London cost the most to feed, with parents spending a staggering £4,803 a year to keep them full up. Teens in the North West are officially the hungriest, with parents claiming they become hungry just 43 minutes after eating.

Despite parents hearing of hunger pains just 45 minutes after meals, teenagers in Wales are the least expensive to feed with the average yearly food spend just over £2,500.

Veteran Bond henchman Jaws (real name Richard Kiel) comments: “My steel teeth are only available in museums nowadays, but Birds Eye’s fish burgers are a little easier to bite into than a cable car – and a lot tastier. I’ve had four teenagers myself and know how big their appetites are so it’s good to see food developed just for them.”

Ky-Le Vuong at Birds Eye comments: “We all know that teenagers have enormous appetites and need to eat lots of little bites throughout the day to keep their energy levels up. Our new fish fillet burgers crush hunger, weigh in at 113g and pack the equivalent of over four fish fingers in each one – a bigger bite for teens with bigger appetites.”