Supermarket chain Asda goes Potty over Scotty Brand Potatoes

Scotty Brand, an umbrella brand for premium seasonal Scottish produce, has secured further listings with Asda supermarkets across the UK.

Scotty Brand has nearly doubled the number of Asda stores in which its 2kg bags of Kestrel potatoes will be stocked, increasing the number of stores to 246 UK wide.

Scotty Brand Potatoes come from a variety of farms all over Scotland, carefully selected by our partner Albert Bartlett who sources the best of the crop.

Scotty Brand was first launched in 1948 by Albert Bartlett, a shipyard worker who wanted to support his family and so began boiling up beetroot in an old tin bath, selling it under the Scotty name. Albert’s name and his values of hard work and honest endeavour live on in the family company today, as it continues to bring you the best tasting produce, fresh from Scotland

The Scotty Brand product portfolio includes potatoes, carrots, lettuce, prepared vegetables, Ayrshire new potatoes and seasonal berries. Scotty Brand provides traditionally grown Scottish produce at its best — a celebration of the best in-season.

Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager Scotty Brand, said: “The new listings are testament to the quality of the potatoes. We are committed to delivering the very best Scottish-grown produce that is tasty, good value, healthy, and increased listings ensure that our products are available to consumers across the UK.”

Scotty Brand products are available in Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s and Wholefoods depending on what is currently in season. For most of the year, Scotty Brand offers you Kestrel potatoes. Kestrel potatoes are distinguishable by their beautiful blue-purple eyes and cream-coloured skin, with a long oval shape and smooth texture. Due to their great shape and creamy texture, they are exceptional boilers, bakers or roasters.

For further information on Scotty Brand please contact Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager [email protected]