Brbee Honeylite takes privilege to bring you unique monofloral honey, extracted primarily from the nectar of one plant species, our honey is known for its distinct flavor.

The honey is being extracted from a fully sealed honeycomb and passed through a simple muslin cloth at room temperature, and we leave it at that; unfiltered and unheated, to give you the nutritive value and unmatched taste of live pollen and enzymes.

The honey is full of its natural aroma, flavor and nutrition.

Brbee Products Pvt. Ltd. invests in very best of the resources and standard operating procedures continually, whether it is the placement of hives, or the finest mated queen bees, the extraction & processing of honey, we choose the very best. Utmost care is taken in packing, transportation & distribution so that honey gets to you in exactly the way nature intended- fresh and full of its natural goodness.

Brbee Honeylite offers 12 varieties of monofloral and Himalayan Forest Honey. Himalayan Forest Honey is offered in liquid honey as well as set honey which we call as Cream Honey. The monofloral honey varieties include Blackberry, Lychee, Orange Blossom, Eucalyptus, Sunflower and Jujube.

Brbee Honeylite also offerss 6 varieties unique and rare monofloral honey from Himalayas. Including Acacia, Wild Thyme, Honeydew, Horesechestnut, Borage, Wild Cherry. Home to fourteen of the world’s highest peaks, the Himalayas offer a pure, unperturbed ambience for honeybees. With fresh, clean air and water, all fauna and flora in this region are bereft of any harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides and herbicides. The serenity and purity of the Himalayas transcends into the unique taste of the honey we churn out.

Brbee Honeylite comes in 250g and 500g glass jars. Our honeys are also available in 28g food service pack as well as 2 Kg packs.

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