RPC Containers Corby has launched a new multilayer foodservice jar, which combines an extended ambient shelf life with improved safety in the busy kitchen environment, and also offers enhanced transport efficiencies.

The new 4kg Bear jar features a multilayer PP/EVOH/PP structure and can be hot filled, pasteurised and sterilised at temperatures up to 121°C. The EVOH barrier layer prevents oxygen ingress to deliver a long shelf life for oxygen sensitive foods.

The jar is breakage resistant in line with HACCP recommendations. It is fully reclosable to avoid spillages and can be stored in the refrigerator after opening, thus reducing food waste. The wide opening allows easy pouring and spooning, and the closure can also include a pump dispenser.

The jar’s distinctive eye-catching design incorporates an integral handle for easy handling and pouring. There is a wide surface area for decoration to create effective branding for individual products.

The internal profile of the jar facilitates rapid filling and overall the pack provides excellent transport and storage bulk density to help reduce supply chain costs.

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