London based Feng Sushi has become the first food delivery service in the city to use iZettle to take card payments for its takeaway meals.

Using iZettle’s app along with its mini card reader, Feng Sushi drivers are able to turn smartphones and iPads into payment terminals; meaning customers can pay Feng Sushi using a credit or debit card when their food arrives on their doorstep.

“At Feng Sushi we match the traditional skills of the past with a modern sensibility to create innovative sushi for the present,’ says Silla Bjerrum, CEO and founder of Feng Sushi. “iZettle bridges this culinary vision with our approach to customer service.

“Our customers can now pay for their sushi quickly and securely by card upon home delivery. For us it’s great because our customers have a better choice of payment and we also receive invaluable reports from iZettle’s online portal detailing delivery times and much more.”

By logging into iZettle’s transaction report Feng Sushi is able to see which delivery driver has taken the most payments and how many locations they have visited. iZettle’s tools give Feng Sushi insight and data to make sure their business processes run smoothly.

“Feng Sushi is just the kind of mobile business iZettle is committed to helping,” says Stewart Roberts, managing director at iZettle UK. “People no longer have cash lying around the house, businesses need to adapt to this and offer a variety of payment platforms. We want to empower these companies and make sure they’re able to take card payments at anytime, anywhere.”

Small businesses can get started with iZettle within minutes. iZettle accepts Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Diners Club.  To find out more visit


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