Two Linx CJ400 continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers are working round the clock for Australian spring water bottler Wet Fix.

Wet Fix has its own Mountain Dew label, but the bulk of its business is contract packing, servicing 200-plus labels.

Unreliable CIJs were causing problems with missing and faint print and manual checking of the lines every 5-10 minutes, instead of hourly as scheduled. Packaging changes also meant they could no longer print and apply an adhesive label to secondary shrink wrapping.

Now the company is using one of its Linx CJ400 printers to code three lines of text, including product ID and traceability information, onto various shaped PET bottles at 175 bottles/min. The second machine codes best-before dates and traceability data onto shrink-wrapped packs. If the client requests it, a message and logo can also be printed.

Wet Fix’s efficiency, speed and productivity has improved with the installation of the Linx machines. The company also says the neat, high-quality print is a big improvement while the Linx CJ400’s ability to be used in both primary and secondary applications also gives Wet Fix flexibility in how it best uses the equipment.

Wet Fix director Kayne Gill affirms: “These coders are very flexible — we can use them anywhere we need in our business.”