High quality fresh meat and fish spreads manufacturer, Binghams Food Ltd., is benefitting from a second Oliver Douglas washing station which meets precise processing requirements.

“The Panamatic 700 features a wash chamber where a wash and rinse solution is delivered via spray arms,” says John Glover, Oliver Douglas Sales Manager. “It can process a wide range of cookware – from pans and trays to crates and utensils.”

The Panamatic design at Binghams Food is configured to larger dimensions than standard to match the company’s pan dimensions – two 50 kg capacity pans can be loaded simultaneously – and includes a controlled detergent dispenser.

“The installation is also ideal for washing and rinsing other equipment and utensils,” says Peter Moon, Director at Binghams Food Ltd, “with the loading racks and baskets also supplied by Oliver Douglas.”

Binghams Food is acknowledged as a premium brand and one which gains from quality ingredients such as locally sourced British beef. It is therefore vital that the production process is as efficient as possible and meets the highest standards.

This latest installation follows an initial Panamatic 500 unit from Oliver Douglas which was originally supplied in the early 1980’s and is still performing extremely well at the site.