The global soup market is currently valued at $4bn per annum with the rise in sales in some markets in excess of 10 to 15%, whether due to the global downturn or a combination of factors such as the huge rise in ambient soup sales worldwide, as consumers opt for fresher tasting soups with reduced sodium levels. Soup has always been a good value meal that fits well with the growing ‘on the go’ culture, which is leading the major brand owners towards new and innovative packaging as new varieties or old favourites hit the retail shelves.

When the food producers, INVO Europe sl, decided to launch Gazpacho, one of Spain’s national dishes, in a 125ml square PET bottle, which is a new pack size in the Spanish market, they opted for a PET bottle from Graham Packaging. Having previously supplied the customer with a PET bottle for another product, the strong relationship built up between the two companies allowed INVO to get their product to market quickly.

The 125ml standard square bottle is finished with a wide mouth 34mm Portola twin seal closure that offers full tamper evidence and easy pouring of the cold Gazpacho soup.

Simone Gill, Account Manager at Graham Packaging, commented, “This stunning product launched by INVO really stands out on the shelf, the square bottle allows for perfect positioning for display purposes, with the labels being easy to spot and read by the consumer. This particular bottle came from our standard range of products and clearly demonstrates how Graham Packaging can offer a new solution in an established market. This is the first soup in this pack format in Spain and is already proving to be very popular with consumers.”


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