Astec Conveyors were approached by a major snack manufacturer to develop a stainless steel zero line pressure (ZLP) conveyor to meet their specific stringent hygienic needs, provide smooth transportation and product accumulation without product contact or line pressure.

Individual product “zones” were created along the length of the conveyor system and powered by a 24V brushless motorised roller that drives slave rollers via linking belts.

When the first product moves or is removed from the zone, the following zones (if occupied) are powered to feed forward to the next available zone and index product in sequence. Since the motorised rollers only run when required, this provides considerable energy saving costs.

The system is designed to support easy maintenance and in the event of a drive roller or drive belt failing, these can be easily removed and replaced.

Astec control the conveyor from a PLC and not control cards on the drive rollers, which in their experience enables programme modifications and fault finding to be carried out more easily. Astec Conveyors can provide bespoke design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems to meet individual handling requirements for light, medium or heavy duty applications.

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