Hummus production at Zorba Foods’ original facility has the capacity to process 50 tonnes of chick peas per week. Two Fulton 60J steam boilers are used to provide heat for the cooking process and, via a heat exchanger, hot water for the facility’s clean-in-place and wash-down.

As part of its recent expansion, Zorba’s new purpose-built soup processing facility needed its own steam raising plant and, as Chris Nash explains, they had no hesitation in specifying another Fulton system.

“Having used Fulton for thirty years I knew exactly who to approach. You’d think I’d know what to expect having specified Fulton again, but they really do make the process look easy. We’re partnered from the beginning to ensure that gas/water supplies are sufficient and connecting services are located correctly. The boiler system arrives on a plinth, is craned into place, attached to the services, switched on and, within 20 minutes, is raising the steam we need!”

Steam is being used to heat Zorba’s six jacketed cooking vessels and provide hot water via a heat exchanger for clean-in-place and wash-down purposes.

Summarising, Chris Nash says that in the six years since the two original boilers were installed, they have never let Zorba down.

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