‘Check & Detect’ specialists, LOMA SYSTEMS®, has recently launched a handheld barcode scanner aimed at creating improvements in supply chain efficiency when used with the IQ4 Metal Detector Series.

For lines with daily multiple product switches, operators normally have to select from a list of products via the Loma user interface screen to identify a new batch of products being presented. There is now a quicker and more accurate way to identify a product. Loma’s new Barcode Scanner for the IQ4 Series, a GRYPHON D4132-BK, can be used to scan the packaged product’s barcode. If the product has previously been set-up, the system will recall all the product’s characteristics and immediately start detecting for metal contaminants. 

Being IP52 rated and corded, the barcode scanner is available on the IQ4 Rectangular Search Head for both the IQ4 standard and RUN-WET® specification conveyorized metal detector series. For systems in the field, a service engineer/accredited Loma engineer should complete the installation. If a cradle/holster is required to hold the scanner, it should not be mounted to the IQ4 Search Head, as the metal free zone should be respected.

Find out more at www.loma.com/en/about-us/news-press-releases/iq4-barcode-scanner.


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