Sugar Lollipop makers R Crawford (Northern) Ltd, based in Hadfield Derbyshire, launch new “Mega Posh” lollipops into their established range of Posh branded lollipops including Posh and Super Posh.

Mega Posh Pops come in two varieties with four great flavours in each. A super sour mix: cherry, apple strawberry and lemon filled with sour powder and a Fruity Gum centre mix of: Apple, Strawberry, orange and Tutti Frutti.

Mega Posh Pops are packed into eye catching display cylinders x 70 pops with porcupine display lids, each Mega Pop is priced from 20p and have bar coded paper sticks and a full colour double wrap.

Mega Pops taste Mega sour and Mega fruity. The quality of the product is first class.

Darren Butterworth, Sales Director at Crawfords adds “we have a great brand in Posh Lollies, the brand is synonymous with wholesalers, cash and carries and CTNs throughout the UK.

Mega Posh lollipops complete our planned range to offer three great quality Posh Lolly products at three different price points to cater for demand”

Mega Posh Pops are available now, to place an order contact [email protected] or call us on 01204 309111.

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