From Fish and Chips to a Full English, the cost of Britain’s favourite meals looks set to rise steeply as supply chain issues lead to wholesale price increases for many common ingredients. This is according to data from Tridge, a global agri-food market intelligence provider, who has tracked the ingredients of popular dishes to show how price rises might impact the pockets of food manufacturers, restaurants, supermarkets and ultimately, end consumers.

Consumers should be bracing themselves for a hike in meal prices as well as reduced choice as inflation continues to rise and food retailers are inevitably forced to pass on wholesale key ingredient price rises to consumers.

The Full English

Key ingredients have risen in price year on year by 74% for beans, 7% for eggs, 115% for tomatoes, 19% for mushrooms and 2.5% for pork.

Fish and Chips

Cod wholesale prices have risen by 98%, potato by 40% and sunflower oil by 118% compared to 2020 pricing.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Many wholesale ingredient prices have also increased such as chicken (80%), tomato (25%), dried chilli pepper (50%), curry powder (45%), onion (22%) and lemon (20%).