Are you a user or a hoarder? A scoffer or a nibbler? Do you share your sweets or eat the lot yourself? Is small beautiful or do you prefer to buy in bulk?

Packaging solutions specialist Payne is launching a Facebook campaign to find out what people think about reclosable packs. Research has suggested that a third of consumers would pay more for the convenience of being able to reseal certain types of packs and Payne is keen to understand some of the driving forces behind purchasing decisions.

3Payne Managing Director Martin Dallas says: “Consumers can sometimes surprise us with the reasons for the choices they make and we want to get to the heart of what they consider to be good packaging and why.

“What types of products would consumers like to see in packs that are easier to reseal? Is being able to buy in larger sizes and save the contents important? Is this a more convenient way to shop?”

Feedback is being requested through Payne’s Packaging Resolved Facebook page where the company seeks to engage with consumers to promote the benefits of good packaging and identify areas where there is room for further improvement.